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Along the walls of the fortress of Jasna Gora, to the south, west and north, there are monumental stations of the cross, erected in the years 1898-1913 on the initiative of the Prior, Father Euzebiusz Rejman, funded from the donations of pilgrims. They consist of groups of bronze, designed by the eminent sculptor Pius Weloński (1840-1931). They are situated on high pedestals of broken granite and, in the upper section, marble, designed by the architect Stefan Szyller. They reach the crowning of the walls in order for the faithful to hold the Stations of the Cross service while walking along the top of the ramparts. A park forms the setting for the Stations of the Cross and the greenery was planted intentionally so that it emphasises the expression and message of the stations with its symbolism.

Station I – Jesus is condemned to death

Christ stands on a pedestal with His hands tied. On His left, a Roman with fasces reads out the sentence issued by Pilate.

Station II – Jesus takes the cross on his shoulders

Christ is taking the cross, supported from below by a figure sitting on the ground.

Station III – Jesus falls for the first time

Christ fell to his knees under the weight of the cross. The Roman soldier standing behind Him is aiming a blow to hit Him with a thong

Station IV – Jesus meets his mother

Christ is standing with the cross on his shoulder. Before him, Mother of God is standing

Station V – Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross

Christ is bearing the cross on his shoulder, behind Him, Simon of Cyrene supports the beam.

Station VI – Saint Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Christ is standing with the cross on his shoulder, beside him Saint Veronica is kneeling, holding the veil with the image of His face imprinted on it.

Station VII – Jesus falls for the second time

Christ is lying under the cross, which presses Him down. Simon of Cyrene leans over Him, holding his robe.

Station VIII – Jesus comforts crying women

There is a woman standing next to Christ carrying the cross, another one is sitting on the ground with a little child on her lap.

Station IX – Jesus falls for the third time

Christ is lying helplessly on the cross, Simon of Cyrene is kneeling next to Him. There is another man leaning over them.

Station X – Jesus stripped off his garments

Christ is standing on Golgota mountain, wearing a crown of thorns. Two Roman soldiers, one standing

Station XI – Jesus nailed to the cross

Two executioners are lifting the cross, with Jesus on it, from the ground.

Station XI – Jesus dies on the cross

Mother of God is standing on Golgota mountain, holding the legs of Christ hanging on the cross.

Station XIII – Jesus is lowered from the cross

At the feet of the cross, against which a ladder is leaning, Joseph of Arimathea is supporting the body of Jesus

Station XIV – Jesus laid in the tomb

A semicircular relief depicting Christ entombed and the disciples gathered around Him is surrounded