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Jasna Góra fortifications – description

The Jasna Góra monastery and church are surrounded by fortifications erected in the first half of the 17th century on the plan of a nearly square rectangle. The bastion type fortress is composed of 4 corner bastions joined by curtain walls (straight sections of the wall), each of them approximately 100 m long. Bastions take their names from saints and founders: Saint Barbara (the Lubomirscy family), Saint Roch (the Morsztyn family), Holy Trinity (the Szaniawscy family), Saint James (the Potoccy and Królewscy families). On the southern side, there is the main entrance to the fortress, with a set of four gates and a ravelin (a pentagonal structure in front of the curtain wall, protecting two inner gates) Originally, the establishment was surrounded by earth fortifications.

Mementos in the Chapel of the Memory of the Nation

Standing along walls in glass cases, there are urns with earth and ashes from sites of war and martyrdom around […]

Stained glass windows

The former arcade-shaped bell-chamber openings are now windows of the Chapel of the Memory of the Nation, filled with stained […]

Entrance portal

The chapel is entered through a semicircular bossaged sandstone portal and a metal door with the emblems of the Polish […]

Father Augustine Kordecki Chapel of the Memory of the Nation

In 1989, in the upper storey of the former belfry, a chapel of the Memorial of the Nation named after […]

Arcaded passage leading to the Treasury and the Chapel of the Memory of the Nation

On the ramparts behind the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, in the arcaded passage leading to the Treasury and the […]

Former belfry

On the east, next to the first span of the church presbytery, there is a free-standing, two-storey belfry built on […]

Entrances to the ramparts

Having walked through the Rampart Gate, it is possible to ascend to the ramparts of the fortress by stairs with […]

The eastern curtain wall

The section of the defensive walls joining the north-eastern and south-eastern bastion, that is, the eastern curtain wall, was erected before 1631…

Monument to Saint John Paul II

On the north-eastern bastion of Holy Trinity (the Szaniawscy family), there is a monument to Saint John Paul II

Monument to Father Augustyn Kordecki

On the south-eastern bastion of Saint James (the Potoccy family), on the right from the main entrance,

Jasna Góra fortifications – history

The construction of the first fortifications of Jasna Góra was ordered by king Zygmunt III Waza.

Stations of the Cross

Along the walls of the fortress of Jasna Gora, to the south, west and north, there are monumental stations of the cross, erected in the years 1898-1913